Wallands Community Primary and Nursery School


At Wallands, children are exposed to a rich and diverse history curriculum in which they learn all about significant individuals as well as different empires within, and which affected, British history, including Mary Seacole, Ancient Greeks, WW2 and Boudicca. We use our local surroundings to support the teaching and learning and make links between the past and the present.

History is important because it helps us change the future. Toby 



We learned about different people in the past. In was fun. Saihan Year 2


The skills we teach in History enable children to critically think about changes that have happened and make inferences about the past using different resources such as artefacts, books and pictures. Children are encouraged to make links across their learning in Wallands and gain a fundamental understanding of chronology.

History at Wallands follows and enquiry approach. Each area of history taught has an overarching enquiry question and each lesson within a term has a small question for the children to investigate and answer, building on their knowledge each week in order for them to be able to answer the overarching question. Children enjoy this approach as it encourages them to think deeply about their learning and understanding and build opinions upon facts given and interpreted.

History Curriculum

I like History because you learn about things in the past. We learned about how Victorians lived and how difficult it was. Kit, Year 2


History is fascinating! Our teachers bring it to life and we are so lucky to live in Lewes. There are so many historical places to visit! Harry and Cleo Year 4