Wallands Community Primary and Nursery School


There is overwhelming evidence regarding the positive impact that music can have on all our lives. We believe it is important that all pupils have the opportunity to participate in rich music lessons. Music is an important foundation subject because it can have a positive impact on pupils’ wellbeing and mental health and brings the school community closer together.

What does music look like at Wallands?

Music is taught as a discrete weekly lesson in KS1 and KS2. We use the Charanga music scheme, which provides unique lesson plans for all year groups. The lesson plans are engaging and exciting and the scheme supports all the requirements of the national curriculum. Charanga promotes a practical, exploratory and child-led approach to musical learning. Each weekly lesson plan includes key vocabulary for children to learn, e.g. pulse, rhythm and pitch.

Reception also follow the Charanga Scheme and Nursery teach their own personalised music plans. Nursery currently sing lots of songs every day, learning new ones weekly, sometimes linked to their area of learning and often used for number work. They have a music area outside in the garden with percussion instruments - where the children freely explore the sounds that they can make. They use instruments to add texture to stories and poems and listen to a range of different types of pre-recorded music through the year. The Nursery and Reception follow the EYFS music curriculum:

Musical development in EYFS

Music Curriculum

We have a weekly singing assembly where KS1 and KS2 come together to learn and sing songs together.

Across the school, children have access to a range of instruments, including glockenspiels and recorders. Pupils develop their skills and knowledge of these instruments as they progress from Year 1 to Year 6.


Music events and opportunities throughout the year

We usually include a musical performance as part of our Sharing assemblies for parents. Over the course of the year, children perform to parents, including Christmas performances and end of year performances.

East Sussex Music service provide weekly piano, violin, cello, guitar and woodwind lessons. At present about 40 children take part in these lessons. Children can also be part of the school orchestra.

We have a summer Music Concert where children have an opportunity to play the instrument they have been learning to an audience of parents and friends.

We have an extra-curricular choir, who have taken part in a number of performances in Lewes.

To find out more about music lessons: https://www.eastsussexmusic.org/home